Barber Colman #12 gear hobber #5510


Machine Specifications:

for Barber Colman #12 gear hobber

Capacity, Diameter: 12" 

Capacity, Width of Face: 10" 

Capacity, Diametral Pitch, Cast Iron: 3 

Capacity, Diametral Pitch, Steel: 4 

Diameter of Hob Mandrel: 1-1/4" 

Maximum Diameter of Hob: 4" 

Taper Hole In Spindle: No. 12 B&S 

Driving Pulley: 14" x 3-1/4" 

Speed of Driving Pulley: 300-400 RPM 

No. Changes of Hob Speed: 8 

Range of Hob Speed: 45-220 RPM 

Range of Feed of Hob Pre Revolution of Work: .015" to .150" 

Floor Space: 43" x 72" 

Net Weight, Approximately: 4000 lbs 

Machine equipped with:

Hob arbor

Hob arbor support

Misc. change gears

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