Fellows 6 gear shaper Specs

Fellows645 gear shaper

Fellows 6 with 8'' stroke (located in Cleveland)

Description: Fellows Model 645A Gear Shaper.  Machine Specifications:  Max pitch diameter (External) 18"  Max pitch diameter (Internal) 18" Max face width, external & internal 5" Max diametrical pitch spur 4 DP  Max diametrical pitch helical 6 DP Bore through work spindle 2.875" Cutter spindle diameter  2.875" Max distance table surface to spindle 7.5" Max helix angle with proper guide 30 deg Stroking speeds 50-300 SPM Dimensions (L x H x W) 63"x 77"x 48" Machine net weight, approx. 6,800 lbs   

Equipped With: 

 12'' riser

 8'' Stroke 

 Hollow Spindle 

Misc Change Gears  

Cutter elevation